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India’s No-1 ACF Bonding Machine Manufacturer

Makinelectronic is India’s First LCD Panel Bonding Machine Manufacturer. We are the No-1 Manufacturer of ACF bonding Machine in India. […]

ACF Bonding Machine Price in India

LCD LED ACF Bonding Machine Price in India is $ 1500- 8000 depends on the modal and technology used. Anisotropic […]

acf bonding process explained

ACF Bonding Process Explained

ACF tape has minimal conductive particles in the conductive lines of the tape.  Amid the ACF bonding procedure, warmth and […]

lcd bonding machine

ACF Bonding Equipment Low Cost LCD LED Panel Repair

Panel Repair Factory (MakinElectronic) provides anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACF bonding equipment )  for use in attaching devices such as TAB, flex circuits and […]

ACF Bonding Machine

ACF Bonding Machine | LCD Panel Repair Machine | LCD TV Repair Machine

We give an extensive variety of Anisotropic Conductive Film Bonding Equipment (ACF Bonding Machine) which is used to relate TAB drivers, […]