LCD Repair Machine Price

LCD Repair Machine

Do you Know you TV screen can be fixed? Or have you ever thought of opening your own TV LED LCD Repair service center. If yes, then you’re at right place. You just need a LCD repair machine, i know you’re curious to know the that what would be the LCD repair machine price just follow the post you’ll get to know each and everything.

LCD Repair machine price in India

What LCD Repair Machine Do?

Now lets start with the Machine, ACF bonding machine also know as LCD repair machine that actually repairs the LCD screens. Now, I think you guys know you can fix TV LED LCD screen. Plus point is no technical or any special skills are required. You can also earn up-to Rs. 50,000 per month by setting up your own TV LED LCD repair service center. What you need is just a magical LCD repair machine or we can say LCD panel repair machine, that fixes all brand TV screens.

LCD Repair Machine Price in India

We’re the best and only manufacturer of ACF Bonding Machine OR LCD repair machine in India. Price will be vary and can cost you around $35000 or Rs. 26 Lakh. Although We sell it at reasonable price for more details you can contact us here +91-9999727372 or mail us at

How LCD Repair Machine Makes It Easy To Bond a TV Screen?

The LCD repair machine is basically for the LCD LED TV Screen. It makes easy to repair the lining problem, that is a very common and popular problem around the world and it’s too hard to fix cause it’s impossible to see the tracks with naked eyes of LCD LED TV Screens. But our LCD panel repair machine also known as ACF Bonding Machine or panel repair machine make it easy to debug and fix the problem.


LCD/LED repair machine mainly focus on fixing the lining problem in TV Screens. It was quite difficult to fix the lining problem in the past but now this machine makes it very easy.


The LCD panel bonding Machine is also known as Pulse Heat Bonding Machine, Pulse Heat Hot Bar Machine, and ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) Bonder, which is used on LCD ACF/COF/TAB repair. It is usual machine on LCD repair process, can re-bond or replace new COF/TAB.

Also have LCD Laser Repair Machine

LCD Repair machine

We have also a Laser machine, Its just a advance version of LCD bonding machine or ACF bonding machine. Laser machine can repair broken LCD glass. Such as the problem of ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line, multi-line and so on.

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