ACF/COF Bonding Laser Machine PRF – LZ 96A

  • Model : LZ-96A
  • Laser Type : Timer Laser
  • Wavelenght : 1064/532 nm Dual Wavelength (532 nm in order to adjust the wavelength of the optical axis)
  • Way of Cooling : Water Cooled
  • Laser Power : 3-8mj/pluse
  • Max. Peak Power : 1mw
  • weight : 650kg (Approx)
  • Power Supply : 220V AC
  • Working Platform Size : 1524 mm x 1220 mm


LCD Repair Laser Machine (known as laser machine) on the LCD screen repair industry represented the top of the line repair innovation, the most top of the line innovation of LCD screen repair ,LCD screen repair industry notwithstanding the COF Bonding machine innovation. COF Issue can be repair with bonding machine and Others issues, for example, ITO break, short line, splendid line, half-line, specked line ,a multi-line laser machine can be utilized to repair. Laser machine with high proficiency, settled rate, ease (a similar blame in the laser machine does not require new parts, (and don’t influence the repair rate), it is broadly utilized as the primary gadget screen repair. ACF Bonding Machine, Panel Repair Machine, LED/LCD Repair Machine. LCD Laser Repair Machine. Laser Bonding Machine. lcd laser repair machine

Amid the ACF bonding procedure, warmth and weight are connected through a therm-ode (or hot bar) on to the ACF film or other segment that is sandwiching the ACF film. ACF bonding machine repairs LED,LCD,TV, of coating issues on panel . Extreme arrangements of bonding of COF with quick and simple to work bonding machine. it is a sort of high accuracy repair hardware for repair different size LED/LCD screen/LCD Panel. LCD panel repair machine is incredible and best answers for panel repair in bonding innovation, this is the most top of the line innovation of LCD screen repair ,LED screen repair, in repair industry notwithstanding the COF free welding, LCD TAB bonding machine others, for example, ITO break, short line, brilliant line, half-line, spotted line ,a multi-line bonding machine can be utilized to repair. This LCD tab bonding machine with high proficiency, moderate cost, it is broadly utilized as the fundamental gadget LCD/LED/TAB screen repair of huge scale creation processing plant. Acf Bonding Machine LCD/LED/TAB screen repair. we are engaged with giving a broad scope of ACF Bonding Machine. Infer able from popularity, our items are accessible in shifted particulars. We’ve the best ACF Bonding machine and No-1 ACF/COF/TAB Bonding machine manufacturer of INDIA. We’ve been sold more than 75+ ACF/COF/TAB Bonding Machine out of the India.

  • Laser Repair Machine Features
  1. LCD Panel 14″ – 85″ inch
  2. Fix LCD Problems Upto 99%
  3. Not as Consumable like ACf Tape, COF, ACF Remover Requires that use in normal ACF Bonding Machine
  4. Accurate and Fast Repair Function
  5. High- Energy Laser to Work fast and Neatly
  6. Uses Different Wavelengths for better results
  7. Supports LCD/LED Pixel upto 4K, Yes it’s true.
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Panel Repair Factory India Pvt Ltd
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PRF – LZ 96A


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